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A Traveller's Guide to the Wildflowers
and Common Trees of East Africa

Camerapix Publishers International, Nairobi ISBN: 1-904722-28-8

This 248 page pocket book describes and illustrates many
of the important, common or conspicuous wildflowers and trees
likely to be met with on safari. Treatment of individual species,
themselves arranged on an ecological basis, follows a format
that begins with a description of the plant and its geographical
and ecological distribution. Inclusion of the uses of these wild
plants, which are often part of ancient traditions and cultural
heritage, adds to the overall interest of the book.
Available from bookshops at 12.99

Heathland in East Devon and the Blackdown Hills

The Blackdown Hills AONB/Tomorrow's Heathland
Heritage/Heritage Lottery Fund, 2004

This 80 page, pocket-size booklet ..."has proved extremely
popular. It appeals to specialists, amateurs and the public, has
 beautiful illustrations and is written in an accessible style"
 ....Caroline Newcombe, Blackdown Hills Partnership

"...the book contains a good deal of variety: history, geology,
archaeology, conservation, in fact all the essential introductory
information... to get more from a heathland visit... A fresher
and ... more rewarding approach is adopted here, giving the
ecological background behind why certain species are found in
certain places... A mini gazetteer and expansive bibliography
inspire further exploration".
....Steve Carroll, Devon Wildlife Trust

Available from the author and local bookshops, at 4.99

Wild Flowers Of The East Devon Coast

Quantock Nature - ISBN: 0953768805

This excellent pocket guide by botanist and local author,
David Allen, is ideal for walkers and indeed anyone else
who is out enjoying our countryside.
"....there is real value in a local guide to wild flowers....
clearly written, beautifully illustrated and easy to use....
David Allen's enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, the
subject is inspiring."
....Alison Cox, Devon Wildlife Trust

For a more detailed description of the book please
click here.  Copies may be obtained from David Allen,
direct from local book sellers or Amazon.co.uk.
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